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STUDIO NOTES | Keep learning

learning paint

Hello, I thought I would treat you with a Claude Monet wintery scene because this is how I am feeling in the depths of winter, there was a little snow today but it did not settle here in London.

During the winter when there is less daylight for painting is a good time for boosting your artistic skills, over the xmas break I cracked out my oil paints for the first time, I will be doing a post on that soon.

Also I practiced my watercolour techniques, I like to use watercolour when I am in the mood to do quick small paintings (in bed) without having to sit in my art room and make a big deal out of painting something to satisfy my creative juices.

I decided to join Skillshare which is a site jam-packed with creative courses for painting and other creative stuff, if you use this link you will be able to get 3 months premium membership for $0.99 then you can also pass your link around to get more free months for yourself. I used someone else’s link so we are all helping out one another. I have taken about 5 courses so far and found them very useful and fun to learn along with others.

A few other resources I have found in the past for learning online are:

Florant Farges Arts Youtube channel

Art Tutor

Virtual Art Academy – this one is a biggie my most important link, if you really want to improve to a high standard without going to Art school then this is for you. Also read the International Artist Magazine it is one of my faves.

I think that is definitely enough for you to be able to go away and look into and at least make use of one of these links. I would love to know how you get on or if you want to share your own links in the comments go ahead, i will only accept art related links to keep things on topic.

Thanks for stopping by!


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